Monday, April 23, 2012

Kairos and SWARM 2012

Date:  April 23rd, 2012
Subject:  Kairos and SWARM 2012

From April 10th through 13, the San Antonio Industry Liaison
Group (SAILG) hosted the Southwest and Rocky Mountain (SWARM) 
2012 Regional Conference in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. The 
conference’s all-star lineup, action packed agenda, and perfect weather set the tone for what turned out to be arguably the best regional conference of the year.

Kairos’ heavy involvement in SAILG proved to be invaluable in the preparation and execution of all aspects of the conference. Some notable contributions include:
  • Marshall Mendez: Co-Chaired the Program Committee, arranging the conference and speakers. Marshall also moderated the conference’s “super panel” made up of presenters including Mickey Silberman, Nita Beecher, Patrick Nooren, and Valerie Hoffman.
  • Norma Brito: Chaired the Marketing Committee, selling out the conference three weeks prior to its start! Norma additionally presented Pour the Foundation Before you Build the House, teaching federal contractors the necessary skills of building effective Affirmative Action Plans from the ground up.
  • Christie Hermann: Presented Taking Your Data Crunching Skills to the Next Level, an amazing “how to” class teaching midlevel Excel skills.
  • Lisa Kaiser: In partnership with Shafeeqa Giarratani, presented Behind the Scenes: What OFCCP Does With Your Data, an interactive and heavily sought after presentation. In fact, they were called to an encore presentation which lasted nearly an additional hour the following day!
  • Nick Paul: Organized and moderated Veterans & Persons with Disabilities: Proven Strategies for Outreach and Inclusion, a panel consisting of federal contractors and a VETS Manager, teaching real life strategies on how to build effective recruitment and retention strategies for veterans and persons with disabilities.
  • LaCrecia LeStourgeon and Jacob Witting were critical in the planning and execution process before, during, and after the conference. Their numerous contributions were invaluable. The conference would not have been what it was without them.
In the end, the conference received high praise from its attendees, which included persons from nearly every state in the country. Kairos, along with other chairs and contributors, have truly set the benchmark for not only future regional conferences, but national as well.