Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OFCCP National Office Set to Release More "Heads Up" Letters

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Dear Kairos Clients:

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has mailed a barrage of “courtesy letters” (aka “heads up letters) to federal contractors and subcontractors identifying establishments for “possible scheduling of a supply and service compliance evaluation during this scheduling cycle” - meaning sometime during the remainder of FY 2013-2014.  Known formally as Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs), be aware that these letters are being sent directly to specific locations of multi-establishment contractors and not to the corporate headquarter offices.  In addition, corporate offices are not being copied.  Therefore, executives and HR staff in the field should be alerted to watch for these letters and advise corporate HR offices immediately upon receipt.  Last year some of the actual scheduling audit letters started arriving within days of the release of the CSALs.

For those of you who love figures and data, here are the details.  There are 2,193 establishments on the scheduling list for this fiscal year covering 17 industries (no, we don’t know which ones).  There are at least 856 “distinct companies” represented on the list.  The list includes 40 Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations.  The agency has set the maximum number of compliance evaluations to a total of no more than 35 for each corporate parent.

If your company does not receive a courtesy letter, your establishment(s) can still be selected for a compliance evaluation since these notification letters are “not all-inclusive” and these notifications are “not required by law”. Please contact Kairos Services, Inc. immediately should you receive one of these letters in order to begin preparations to ensure your company is in a position to produce and submit all required materials in a complete, accurate and timely manner upon receipt of the OFCCP scheduling letter for the compliance evaluation.


Lisa Kaiser
Director of Compliance Services/General Counsel

Dallas, Texas
Phone 972.369.0015
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