Friday, April 25, 2014


Next week will be a busy week for the Kairos staff who will attend the SWARM (Southwest and Rocky Mountain) Regional Conference in Denver, Colorado. Chief Operations Officer Norma Brito will start out the Pre-Conference on Tuesday, April 28, with an Affirmative Action 101 workshop to help participants establish a foundation of understanding and get the most of their week's experience at the conference.

On Wednesday Kairos' Director of Compliance Services/General Counsel Lisa Kaiser will be moderating the OFCCP session which will be comprised of a panel of District Directors from Denver, New Orleans and Houston.

Thursday morning Lisa and Director of Operations Nick Paul will team up to deliver a workshop during the main conference on Common Contractor Defenses in OFCCP Systemic Discrimination Cases. As many Kairos clients are aware, Lisa delivered some of those OFCCP responses to federal contractors during her time with the agency.

Friday Lisa will moderate what many have come to recognize as one of the highlights of the SWARM Conference - the Landscape Panel. This conference closing session is comprised of some of the most nationally recognized experts in the field of affirmative action.

Kairos participated heavily in the planning for the conference. Kairos President Marshall Mendez was co-chair of the Program Committee; Nick served as chair of the Marketing Committee; AAP Specialist LaCrecia LeStourgeon served on the Sponsorship Committee; Lisa Kaiser was part of the Program Committee and Norma served on the Marketing Committee.

As she did for the prior SWARM Regional Conference held in San Antonio, Norma will serve as the Emcee for this year's conference.

Kairos clients attending the conference are invited to stop by the Kairos exhibit booth to pick up a special treat.

For more information please contact Jennifer at or call the Kairos office at 972-369-0015.